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Peoples National Bank of Mora uses a combination of security technologies to protect data for the bank and for our customers.

Conducting Your Transactions Online

I. Verifying User Authenticity

Once you have signed up for Peoples National Bank of Mora’s online banking, you will be issued a temporary password. The first time you log in, the system will prompt you to change your temporary password to a new password. This is when you will establish a completely personalized password.

Protecting Your Password
Protecting your Password is vital. Remember that employees of Peoples National Bank of Mora will NEVER ask you for your online banking password. If you are ever asked for this information, please contact Customer Service immediately at 1-320-679-3100.

Access ID’s and Passwords are designed to protect your account from unauthorized access. This information should not be shared with anyone; each individual customer of the online banking system should have his or her own account and individual password. Passwords must contain no fewer than six (6) characters and no more than seventeen (17) characters. Passwords should not be easy to guess. Using children’s or pet’s names, birthdays, anniversaries, or addresses are easily guessed passwords and should be avoided. A combination of letters and numbers is suggested.

Three Strikes Rule
After three unsuccessful login attempts, the system will lockout your account. The account will remain locked until you contact the bank to have the password reset. As an additional precautionary measure, the bank monitors failed login attempts and will contact you if any suspicious activity occurs.

Password Replacement
If you ever forget or lose your password, please contact Customer Service at 1-320-679-3100 to have a new, temporary password assigned to you. The next time you log in, the system will prompt you to change the reset password to a new password.

Automatic Logoff
The system will automatically terminate your session after 15 minutes of inactivity. This step is taken to help ensure that no one else will access your account should you forget to logoff. All customers are encouraged to log off when finished with the online banking system by clicking the “Log Off” button from within the software and closing the browser.

II. Data Transmission Security

Peoples National Bank of Mora’s online banking is secured by using an encryption technology known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Data is encrypted as it travels back and forth between you and our website. Both systems use 128-bit encryption, which is one of the industries highest standards.

Public/Private Key pair technology is used to ensure that data is encrypted as it travels between the bank’s server and your web browser. Upon successful login, a public key and a private key are issued to both you and our web server. These keys allow each computer to verify each other’s identity during the online banking session. These keys are re-issued each time a new session is started. These Digital ID’s are issued by Verisign, an independent third party Internet security company. To learn more about Verisign visit their site online at

III. Information Privacy and Integrity

The online banking systems are located securely behind a firewall. Requests must filter through the firewall before they are permitted to reach the server. Intrusion detection technologies are used to monitor network activity 24 hours a day to ensure that unauthorized access to your information is not permitted. To ensure secure communications between the system and the end-user, the products provide SSL, 128 bit encrypted file transfer methodologies.

For more details on the privacy of your information, please refer to Peoples National Bank of Mora’s privacy policy.

Using the methods and technologies mentioned above, we are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your internet banking transactions. To report any suspicious activity or for further questions please contact Customer Service at 1-320-679-3100 or e-mail at


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